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Effect Batch

Effektvolle Farben

Ein Verkaufsargument


olour effects have become standard in many industries. In the packaging industry, for example, different effects have become important selling points.

That’s why it’s all the more important for you to tap into our expert advice to achieve optimal cost-effectiveness. 

The clever selection of special effects and production processes (such as co-extrusion) can often achieve extraordinary effects at an affordable cost.

Use our many years of experience in the design of colours and effects, and find out about the following possibilities:





Interference colours



Multi-colour effects



Colour effects in co-extrusion



Fluorescent colours



Phosphorescent colours


Colour Master Batch

We use coordinated carrier materials, not universal carriers, to make our concentrates.


Green Batch

Green batches are developed for use in plastics to significantly improve the sustainability of plastic products.


Effect Batch

Colour effects have become standard in many industries


High-performance Polymers

We supply these polymers both as compounds and as master batches.


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