Colour lab

Our laboratory machines for colour samples, along with our test equipment and colour measuring systems, use state-of-the art hardware and software.

The colourants, plastics, and additives used meet the highest standards of physiological safety and processing quality.

This ensures that your products can be produced in perfect quality. The targeted use of additives allows product properties to be adjusted to meet your wishes.

On request, we can supply you with colour samples in the following forms:

  • Test plates with different surfaces
  • Closures with polished and matte finish.
  • Extrusion-blown bottles, also available in co-extrusion (decorative layer)

We will provide you with free colour samples within 5 working days.

Put us to the test


We create colour samples exactly according to your templates, adapted to the type of plastic in question and its application.

We also create formulas using all of the common colour systems such as Pantone, RAL, HKS etc.

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