Highly-filled Polymers

Complex blends of polymer and additive and/or filler make the use of compounds indispensable. It is difficult to achieve high fill levels of additives such as flame retardants or electrically conductive fillers with master batches.

Even with very small production quantities (micro-injection moulding or very small unit quantities), it is easier and qualitatively useful to process coloured polymer.

Examples from our compound programme:
from 10 kg (incl. colour setting)

  • Dyed polymers with the required additive content
  • High-performance polymers
  • Dyed polymers with flame retardants

Matte Surfaces

Matting agents in combination with pigments/pigment effects can also deliver matte products from polished tools.

We would be pleased to advise you on the possibilities.

Weight Increase

The targeted use of fillers and pigments results in a significant increase in the product's weight. A significant increase in valence can be achieved by using a compound.

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