What sets us apart:

The best products are of little use if they are not available when needed.

Your production chain is only as strong as the weakest link. That’s why we work with a flexible time and production management system which allows us to realise orders within a few calendar days

  • Best possible quality
  • Free colour samples
  • No small quantity surcharges
  • Production quantities as small as 1 kg for master batches / 10 kg for compounds
  • State-of-the-art laboratory and production equipment

Our consulting service

We will be glad to help you resolve any issues you might have related to plastics.

  • Colour variations?
  • High reject rate?
  • Bad surfaces?
  • Problems during the demoulding process?
  • High colouring costs?
  • Residues?

There are often simple and economical solutions to most problems. Benefit from our experience!

Put our service and our products to the test.

Delivery times

Standard delivery time: 5 working days

In particularly urgent cases, we can deliver within 24 hours

+49 (0) 6327 / 977 39-00

There are simple and economical solutions for most problems.

Use our experience to your advantage!

Test our service and our products.

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